Vine power’s qualified viticulturists and land managers are available to visit your vineyard whenever necessary. At peak times such as Vintage & Pruning we can supply all management and technical personnel as well as integrated vineyard labour.


Our workers are hand chosen by our recruitment manager and are placed on Vineyard Teams with the skill set to suit the application or task requested. We employ a mixture of local residents and International workers.

All of the Vinepower Teams undergo full Occupational Health & Safety Inductions and Training. Vinepower prefer our teams to be managed by a Vinepower Supervisor so we can assure you tasks are carried out to a high standard and also provide onsite additional training and assessment.

Vineyard Tasks generally include the following: Planting, Wire dropping & lifting, Vine training, Bird netting, Wrapping canes, Dropping fruit, Cane or spur pruning, Picking & harvesting, Shoot thinning, Weeding, Leaf plucking, De-budding, Bunch thinning, Re-working of vines, Trellis & irrigation installation, Bottling Technicians.

Our worker bill rate is all-inclusive; Superannuation, Workers compensation, Public Liability Insurance, Payroll tax, Casual loading, Overtime rates.


Vinepower can also provide Vine Pest & Disease monitoring, Canopy Spraying (all are licensed technicians), Tractor & machinery personnel, Irrigation & fertigation.


Vinepower also provides quality full Vineyard management on a yearly contract, fixed price for all Vineyard operations, including Vineyard data collection & reports, Vineyard budgets & Cost Analysis, soil assessments, scheduling, winery liaison & supervision.